I am a firm believer in science and evolution

I am a firm believer in science and in evolution.
That’s all you need to know about that.
You want an argument go hang out with Dawkins;
for me, there’s nothing to discuss.
I like to think the next stage of evolution will be
the development of our mental powers.
We will hone these powers until we can
take over the minds of angels.
Then we will make them
stand behind our chairs and shine
so we can read at night without running up
a bunch of electricity bills.
I’m surprised no one thought of this before.
If you look at books of ancient angel symbols
they kind of remind you of Reddy Kilowatt.

Another thing you can make angels do is
go with you everywhere and sort of look out for stuff.
They could say, Look out for that bus or
Watch out here comes George Zimmerman.
When you get bored, shake out your angel
and play a little one-on-one on the head of a pin.
Half court? Full court? Nobody knows.
It is a great philosophical mystery.
That’s evolving, baby, and nobody gets hurt.
Until then, though, you might look into LED bulbs;
they take less power, and you can see Zimmerman
a mile away.

—Don Whittington

George Zimmerman, ever vigilant.


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