Angst in the modern age is a puzzler

Angst in the modern age is a puzzler
which is why psychology is harder than the other
medicinal and scientific disciplines because
the thing you study is so changed by technology and culture it
becomes almost a new thing altogether.


The singularity approaches and soon
we’ll all be swept up in the studious frenzy
of a Kurzweilian whirlwind-whoop-de-doo
and some man (for it will be a man first,
never doubt it) will merge
with machine and the rest of us will slap our thighs

and say, Holy Mackerel
and Whoop-de-doo.

(Because the rest of us, not yet being merged
won’t be very creative so it will all be
Golly Wallers!” and “Shazam!” out there for a while)
and someone at Fox (for it will be Fox news first,
never doubt it) will ask the big questions.

Why risk it all? Why give up your humanity to be
this new and undiscovered thing?
And the shrinks will lean toward the screen
trying to figure out this novel being, this fresh creature,
this super-human who might well need their understanding.

The Borg being Borg will not think to lie
and so at last we will know what real motivation
can lead a man to risk it all on the throw of the dice.
Why’d you do it, Borg-O’Biscuit-Eater? Why?
Why you want to be a machine?

And the world will hold its breath as he says,
I just want the Princess to know that it’s me.


—Don Whittington


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