Evenings like this I don’t know very much

Evenings like this I don’t know very much
I haven’t yet lived
I haven’t yet moved
I haven’t been hurt
I haven’t hurt others
I’m just fresh and raw
time traveling
listening to Fanny Brice sing Second Hand Rose
jumping the decades
popping back and forth
listening to Bonnie Raitt’s dad
listening to Wes and Miles and the Duke
listening out of context
on purpose
ignorant and for a little while
Evenings like this I don’t know much
and what I do know is overrated.
It is so peaceful in a Hammersteined past
it is so relaxing.
Maybe the Alzheimer’s thing is an
urban legend created by an army of docs
dismayed by an army of time traveling
humanoid empties,
no deposit, no return, no troubles
emptied of nonsense of the age
and what’s so bad about that?
I am capable of being filled, all right
but not by any of you
not by anyone alive the way you think of living
I am with all of my mates, hiding, time traveling,
not knowing very much at all,
but pretty sure we, my mates and I,
are among the first to back away
from the zombie apocalypse.

But how is it for the rest of you?

—Don Whittington


2 thoughts on “Evenings like this I don’t know very much

    • Sorry to edit your comment. For those who want to see it all, reflect this comment into a mirror and then again to another and look deep into the back and forth. This will save on bandwidth and give you something interesting to do. And visit Dotty’s blog before she hurts me.

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