we must be doing

we must be doing
we must be seen to be
busier than other folks
we can’t just get together
we can’t just lay back and listen
we can’t just close our eyes and breathe
we must be at it
we must be making it ourselves
because we are all of us artists
at everything
all the time
everyone is special
everyone is a verb
everyone must fill each
delicate moment with
deliberate intention
like our cave dwelling forebears
we are constantly moving
constantly looking for the new plain
sniffing out the new prey
still dancing before the monolith
still going out at night to club

—Don Whittington


2 thoughts on “we must be doing

  1. I like this poem because I see this too. I wrote a short one years ago on a similar observation: strange little boys and their journals/ come to social situations to be left alone./ Watching us all act/ but act like they don’t/ want to be watched or noticed.

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