Thesis: On My OTL of Thirty-Seven Years as of August 16, 2012


Blue Segment, Kandinsky, 1921

When I see her, her shambrous limbs
translucent in pilopterant moonbeams
that reveal her, mosculyptic and festerlimned.
I am transported to a sense of pserenessy;
yes, I am trandiferent at last.

I rue my spulisumptic nature that could e’er
forget her fanlistic embrace,
the rush of being held, quimberred,
schimbirifted until she at last releases me to sigh
sated, dianorianal and relidixiant.

Mock me if you wish, you scinderiscious pillisant,
but I have known the glory of her shasterfeldt,
have frolicked in hockumous cumsoriscense;
while you, crambistic belithint that you are,
cannot even put such exculisciency into words.

Nor am I surprised.

—Don Whittington


3 thoughts on “Thesis: On My OTL of Thirty-Seven Years as of August 16, 2012

  1. So curious I’m going out on a limb. I looked at your first verse and thought “sensuos” for shambrous, polipterant moonbeams – any moonbeam has to be romantic, doesn’ it? mosculyptic muscle or a sort of rolling hill look. festerlimned doesn’t sound so good but stretching it a bit, festive. pserenessy – sort of confims the romantic angle. trandifferent – above indifference – tranquil.

    On the other hand shambrous – shame polipterant – bumpy/polyps mosculyptic – weight lifter festerlimned fester pserenessy – got me there trandifferent indifferent – bored
    but then the rest is definitely being held quimberred. I don’t think I can dig anything opposite that.

    If you still go to the Workshop this would be a fantastic talk – and be sure to let me know if you do.

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