every evening my dog and i

Sophie waiting for me to get off my fat ass and play (Not really Sophie. A stock photo. But it is very close. Thanks for the photo dooziedog.com)

every evening my dog and i
play frisbee in the back yard
and this is so important to my sophie girl
that if i do not throw it she will throw
it herself and then catch it to show me
how it’s done
sometimes the day has been so full
of mysterious portent
of oncoming calamity
of trouble and chaos and frustration
that it takes a dog that can throw a frisbee
and catch it by herself
to show me how it’s done
good as that is, it isn’t what she wants
she wants me to throw it for her
because I can throw it farther
for when i throw it beyond the world
and she catches it with a circus leap
we become a new thing held together by a magical thread—
we are two beings delighted with a disc—
for that amount of time
I am as close to an alien intelligence as
any man has ever been
and the waning light glows all around us
and we run nimbussed and transcendent
it never ever gets old
I am a lucky man
she is a lucky dog
we own the earth together
and reeling shadows of indignant desert birds
bother us not at all

—Don Whittington


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