peepul like the funny wons

Taj Mahal Twin-Turban Train

peepul like the funny wons

what goes too-and-too, too-and-too, too-and-too
a waltzing too-too twain

be coz the funny wons

a fizzisist and a sailor walked into the larj hayedron colyder
and the prodjeckt dire-hector sayed can I help u
and the fizzy-cyst sayed, no thanks
i braut my own bosun

make us laff

what goes tooo-tooo-too-too-to-to-tututu222222222222-arrrrrrrrgh-sandwich
a twane going in-2 a tunnle

and when you can laff at the wurld

a moron, obamma, and romknee go into a bar
barmade says what  RU having
bombo says it don’t matter and romnoid sayz it don’t matter
and the barmade surves them gold over dyemondz
and the moron says you didn’t ask me what I wanted I want a creme of soda
and the barmade says tuff, yure just hear to pay for theirz

the wurld is yur speshul playmetery

so the moron wips out hiz automatic asalt ryeful
and the seakrut surviss blows his ass to smyth-R-eeens

and you will be happie 4efer

what goes too-snarl-too-spit-too-growl-too-roar
no, not a twayne, you twit
a too-pecawbra

itz a wunder full wurld

take my life

—Don Whittington


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