I saw an article

I saw an article a day or so ago detailing
the steps one should take to rise into the middle class
and thought to myself, wow, there’s a change
I never saw coming—
to aspire to the middle class seems like a dream
for princes and princesses
oh, if only I can somehow
work my way up to retail—
please, lord, help me find the right path
to a load of crushing student debt—
help me realize the full bloom of my talents
in the service sector—
fries with this, fries with that, fries
for everyone all the time with
hallelujah, we are reborn
a nation of baristas who one day
might pack boxes for the Bezos
and we will never gripe and we will not complain
for jobs are magical now
and can be taken with a snap of fingers
gulped down like a big bag of fries
and a sugary drink
but not too big a sugary drink
because the really super wealthy ones
are worried about our health
they want to keep us young and sprightly and limber
lithe and willowy so there will be more good looking
ones to choose among
more desperate, willing, broken olympians
they can pay to perform a floor exercise
right on top of their jaded, aged bones
sugar free with fries with fries
the 47 and the 52 and the 1
the 47 aren’t quite owned, not yet
but the 52 are in the bag
with fries
and a toy

—Don Whittington


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