if i let them have their earthquakes

if i let them have their earthquakes
i can get a new
high definition television
with the money from my gas lease
so that seems like a fair trade

if i let them have their new drones
in new york city
i won’t have to wonder
if a bunch of cops are guilty
the next time they take out
some innocent guy
i can just say,
those wacky drones,
you can’t tell ‘em nothin’
wacky drones

if i vote for the democrat
i get the same programs
as if i voted for the republican
so that relieves a lot of stress right there
‘cause now i’m not so worried
that i get it right

if i let them kill americans whenever
and wherever they think they
might be up to something
then i won’t have to be
afraid when the chinese
or the russians
(or james goddamned bond)
shoot someone next
to me at jack in the box
they’re just following our example
the american way

if i let them do whatever they want
i don’t have to worry so much
about them hurting me, which isn’t
the sort of thing i ever thought
i’d have to worry about
in this country
but hey, who would ever
have imagined earthquakes in texas
going off
like so much
jiffy pop

—Don Whittington

Jiffy Pop by artist Scott Fraser, Oil on Panel check him out at http://www.sfraser.com/


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