the most admired person in America

the most admired person in America
is the one who shouts out
interesting premises
at the improv show

“Ed Gein on What’s My Line!”

the performers are in awe of that person
it is a gift they do not have
if they did they would be writers
and this would be a play

“Siri falls in love!”

the audience is enthralled with that person
they secretly yearn for someone to take charge
to tell them what they want
to tell them what to do

“Blind instructor at the DMV!”

the waiters and bartenders
keep the nectar flowing for that person
ensuring that they have the best time
so they’ll keep coming back

“A Yeti comes in for a Pap smear!”

and when the evening is done at last
when the lights are off and the club is emptied
that person gives a word to start with: love
that person gives a word to end with: me
and the hilarity ensues

“Seal clubber makes an eHarmony video!”

—Don Whittington



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