I do not know I’m not a puppy

I do not know I’m not a puppy
when I be dancing with my dogs
do not mistake me
it is a very different thing to think you are young
than it is to be unaware you are grown
the first is sad and foolish
but the second is a gift
from Chronos himself
I am the first man dancing with the first dogs
this wolf is the ur-shepherd
this wolf the ur-springer
here an ur-mastiff, ur-pharoah hound, ur-papillon
dancing between the toes of the mastadon
in the hallway from my office to the kitchen
where the milk bones and pteranodon
wait together to be eaten
feel this energy, this command
this unity with eternity’s cloth, we’re draped
we’re dancing on the bright side of the road
on the sunny side of the street
we see the whole magilla
me and my dogs
within us are bitty creatures so tiny
that our pores are like a cosmos to them
we cannot be discerned by such,  we are so large
and the notion of huge monsters like us dancing is ridiculous
yet we do and with the eyes of Chronos
I know there are pores above me and pores below me
no turtles, but spiders maybe, or fleas
for they keep reducing the smallest thing there is
and ignoring the biggest thing there is
because it cannot be discerned by such as us, maybe
but at the bottom are the strings
and the strings vibrate and shimmy
like me and my dogs who be bumping and grinding
in the front room in the picture window
where the kids walk back from school and say
that man is crazy and their mothers drag them close
and tell them don’t ever go there
I don’t care because I am so much younger than all of them
younger than Bob Dylan
younger than my teeth and older than my tongue
younger than Tom Swift and His Amazing Electrified Dancing Dogs
and there is god above me and I don’t even bother to look for him
because I be dancing with my dogs
I am the last man
and me and my dogs look just alike
and we cannot look up at the pore of the universe for long
even with the eyes of Chronos
but we can go down
go down on the universe
we cannot know god
but we can give him head
me and my dancing dogs spinning in the back yard
looking down to the dust and beyond to the molecule
the atom the electron and beyond
I am the master of all time
first and last and all forever
peering through the eyes of Chronos
as we spin and spin in time with the strings
and looking down as far as Chronic vision takes me
I can see
a man dancing with his dogs
who is not looking up, but down

—Don Whittington

Subatomic String Theorists by artist Totemical http://cghub.com/images/view/139825/ please support these new artists with visits and comments if you like them


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