Left Behind

in my dream the rapture came
and god, the ultimate androgyne
collected all his unlikely favorites
and drew them into heaven to be with him
then put a message on his facebook page
telling the rest of us to piss off
and we all thought, wow,
that’s it then

because the end times were upon us
and we had missed the ultimate cut
we spent about three weeks partying
really hard, everybody indulging
their inner Caligula but that didn’t last
because we realized it was pretty unfulfilling
and with no one watching us or judging us
we couldn’t even enjoy the sense of doing something shameful
there is no sin when god stops keeping score.

we lost all hope and so we followed our hearts
we indulged our ultimate selfish urge
those who wanted to draw, drew things
those who wanted to sing, sang songs
those who wanted to dance spun like seeds in the breeze
someone might take a knife and a piece of wood
and go looking for a deep-grained secret
when someone fell we picked him up
when someone hungered we fed her
we never thought twice about how natural it was
to want to help another being, we never thought
twice how rare it had only recently been
to feel the same uncomplicated  compassion
for a helpless human as we did for a helpless dog

all across the earth the streams and lakes were lined
with people using bobbers and cane poles
napping under straw hats in the tender sunlight
in the evening on our backs looking up at the stars
we discussed about whether they was made
or was god just stealing the credit
calling god out on his ultimate lie
but god sat with his pets in heaven and never said a mumbling word—
what a peculiar, petty thing it has always been to be a god
all right then, we’ll go to hell
billions and billions of Huckleberry Finns
repeating it right to his lying face
all right then, we’ll go to hell
we don’t need your rapture
we got a river

—Don Whittington


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