i never knew the politicians

i never knew the politicians
were such big thinkers about rape
how it was so important to their political cause
that women should worry about
a rape’s legitimacy and whether any
resultant pregnancies aren’t
the will of the Lord—
it is good the Lord is willing to get involved
it being so hard for a lady to find a sexual partner
it is good that we’ve learned at last to put a positive spin
on anything
anything at all—
that’s not a rapist
that’s a carnal missionary
that’s not murder
that’s terminal evangelism—
now i lay me down to sleep
i pray the Lord stay on his side of the bed
and keep his mighty hands
to himself

—Don Whittington

Richard Mourdock, Indiana candidate who doesn’t support abortion in cases of rape because the pregnancy is “…something that God intended to happen.”

Todd Akin, Socratic ideal


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