Pearl Is A Rose

roses are orange
roses are white
roses get rowdy and stay out all night
there’s roses in gardens
and roses on signs
and a rose is a rose is a rose on a Stein
roses have Axl’s
and roses have Billy’s
and that’s how the roses get Fannys (how silly)
roses are tri-colored
roses are bi
roses are secretive, subtle, and sly
roses are smooth
roses have thorns
roses have fiddles, and drum kits, and horns
roses have aphids
roses have ants
roses can join in a windsong and dance
roses at eye level
roses beneath
and one long, declarative rose in your teeth
and the rose of tra-lee
and the rose of my heart
and the rose that i water with tears when we part
a rose in a vase
and a VW Bug
and a rose in your hair when you’re cutting a rug
and a rose is a diamond
a rose is a Pearl
and you are your grandfather’s favorite girl

And now:
the classical rose
for you know what they say
one classical rose poem for every birthday

Roses are red
and violets are—
what is this, a joke? Violets are violet. They went to all the trouble
to name this flower after its color and now some sloppy
victorian is just changing it to blue, willy-nilly? Nonsense!
Begin again!

Roses are red
and violets are violet
a rose can be anything it wants to
but a violet
is inviolate.

—Don Whittington


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