Asbury Park, Redux

Oh, Sandy, the Aurora is rising behind us
the pier lights our carnival life forever

Bruce (the Boss) Springsteen cancelled a show
because of Sandy
so how is that for full circle, Asbury boy?

John (the Boss) Barth once wrote that God (the Boss)
has no subtlety;
pigeons roost on “No Parking” signs;

dogs copulate beneath the gazes
of the leering, slack-caned men
who sprawl on the bench at dead-pecker corner.

He sends freak storms to our freak leaders
whose small talk is so very small
they cannot even speak about the weather;

who stride like Lot through an actuarial reality,
and keep the Sodomites content,
and salt their eggs with crystals scraped from their Stepford wives.

…you know that Tilt-A-Whirl down on the south beach drag
I got on it last night and my shirt got caught
and that Joey kept me spinning
didn’t think I’d ever get off…

Life is never subtle and it doesn’t talk in metaphors.
Pay attention to who sets you spinning
‘cause, Baby, there ain’t no place left to get off.

I am foxpudding, and I approved this poem.

—Don Whittington




2 thoughts on “Asbury Park, Redux

    • I do not. I took the shot from a news story, if I recall correctly, and learned later the photo was actually from Hurricane Irene, not Sandy. The Springsteen photo is from Devils and Dust.

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