the people who specialize

the people who specialize
in comparing your actions
to the things that ought to be done,
or things done by doers
to the things that should have been done,
are the very best people in the world—

they must be—
their standards are so high
their flags are higher than our flags
their morals are higher than our morals
their noses are higher than our noses

how can you waste money on that bird
when there are children who need food?
how can you waste time on that dog
when people struggle against oppression?
how can you drink that drink
smoke that pipe
watch that film
go to that ball game?
how can you keep so many cats
all those books
all those records
all those pins?
how can you be what you are
and not see your need for
an intervention?
how can you keep so many cans?

gosh, you reply
how can you waste your valuable time
talking to the likes of me
when you have such a very long list of things
you ought to be doing instead?

the starving children are that way, kemosabe
in here, right now, we’re watching Top Chef
and we are not ashamed
because Tom and Padma are hot
while you are only high—

—Don Whittington


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