Barely Civil Disobedience

the police will come later to ask me about this poem
and they will say
what did you mean
when you said you want everyone to die
and i’ll say
no, you read it wrong
not everyone
just you cops
and the people in government you work for
all the city and state government people
administrative and elected
and all the feds
the fbi and cia
all the judges and both houses
every agency
every bureau
and all the bankers from the private sector
the ad men and the merchants
and all the news gatherers and entertainers
and all the generals
but not the soldiers, no grunts, no swabbies, no zoomies
coast guard maybe, but no others
all the executive branch right up through the prez
and everybody who’s just running for something
and everybody who is thinking about it
and everybody who once ran
and everyone who ever did the voice on an Outback commercial
and that lizard that sells insurance
but other than that
i wish everyone well

this may not work out for me
a kentucky man who belonged to a hate group
wrote a poem about killing obama
and was sent to prison for nearly three years
this is true
for poetry
i am a much badder ass than that
mess with me and I might start rhyming
that’s right
i might go all formal
and introduce meter
hold trochee to the nation’s throat

teenage mutant ninja turtle
lunging forms are not a hurdle
may your blood stream boil and curdle
may your loins all turn infertile

poets all have turned to toughs
come and get us; bring handcuffs

—Don Whittington



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