Bierce’s greased pig

Bierce’s greased pig
is up for grabs
and all the experts
and all the deep pockets
and all the opinion gatherers
wax breathlessly
about the grand contest
and how close it all is
but don’t be surprised
if it isn’t close at all
because no one listens
to the real america any more
no one reports on what is happening
to the ordinary people of our country
they just insist the world
is what they make it up to be
and they interview the people who
are like them, who would rather
be on camera than anything else
in the whole wide world—
meanwhile, we are the ones who will vote
and the lunatic fringe
is just a few on either side
while we who have to pay for things
we who have to make it work
are many more than that
and we mostly made our minds up a year ago
so all that money squandered on the ads
all that wearing out of people’s patience
went to make a few people wealthier
and bore the rest of us who don’t even listen
because we have been paying attention
not to you, mister media
but to the world itself
we’ve done it for a long time
we’ve done it pretty well, too
despite the likes of you

—Don Whittington


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