technology works so well

technology works so well
so often
when it doesn’t we are
grumpy squared
here is this thing we expect
a thing that would have been a miracle
even twenty years ago
much less two thousand
or two thousand two hundred
but we hit enter and what?
grumpy cubed
the miracle must be exact
it must be very fast
even then we tap our feet
before the microwave
what is taking so long?
we are spoiled
so spoiled that god has long since
padlocked heaven
knowing we would just bitch about it
like that ungrateful little shit
in Cana who shouted merlot?
my daughter’s wedding and the best you can conjure is merlot?
no chambertin? a St. Emilion?
would it kill you to make a nice white?
a montrachet?
god thought that was funny at the time
it was so different
now everyone is like that about everything
so no more heaven
no angels
no audience with saint peter
all the souls of everyone go to a mall
where the dipping dots (ice cream of eternity) are free
all the movies have tyler perry in them
and that’s all you get to do so shut up—
grump to the fourth power, sheesh
but  heaven is moot
so far you are still alive
you are safe among your things
if they fail you just reboot
hope for the best
go find a rose bush with no flowers on it
ask it why it isn’t blooming
listen to what it says
that was good enough for Qoheleth
it ought to last
even the likes of us

—Don Whittington


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