i’m thinking about some deep things

i’m thinking about some deep things
thinking about my g-g-generation
thinking about the sixties, man
about the music
cutting edge
we were the pow
we were the bam
we were gear
we were a gas
we were out of sight
slim-slam-a rooba bing bang boom
we were the cog
we were the cheese
groovy, gravid, full of grease
and chemical release
doing your fathers and your daughters
and your mothers and your dogs
and that chicken in pink flamingoes
dangeroes joes, the lot of us
liberating our minds
taking on the man
busting the hump of the man
right to his smug, self righteous
pig of a face
we were the first to turn on
to let our minds explode
the first to ever see a negro
we were the first to force a rhyme
shape a chocolate
jump a rope
live to live to live to live
and yet
if only we had been able to lay our hands
on an XBox 360
we might never have gotten laid
at all

—Don Whittington


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