Scare Bears

let me tell you
what the new normal is
the new normal is
watch your ass
the new normal is
i accept nothing
election doesn’t go my way?
secede, baby
i have two hundred thirty-three dollars and seventeen cents
in the bank
at any given time and
i am not afraid to
use it to help
some billionaire bring this government
to its knees—that’s right,
live free or die
that’s what i really meant
the new normal is—i was confused—is
live free or die
i just made that up just now
because we people out here
on the radical right
are taking this nation back
from the people
who outnumber us—
we are just that bad
that’s right, I said bad—
that’s what I really, really meant
talking about the new normal,
the new normal is
be scared
because I am a bad, bad man
i am not afraid to
do bad things for freedom
i am not afraid to
earn my adjective
he’s a bad man, they all say, and
i surely am
because the world
worries most about
what i think
the armadilloes
even clear their dead when
i’m coming down the street
because they know
that i don’t like a bumpy ride
this mask just helps my tender skin
it’s not because i need to hide

—Don Whittington


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