Beavers are work-tards, as busy as bees
building great dams up wherever they please
they swim with their noses stuck out of the water
and chastise their cousin, the ne’er-do-well otter.

I don’t like beavers—I hate them, in fact.
They’re buck toothed and witch-eyed, their tails are all flat.
They won’t let you pet them; they aren’t good to eat;
you won’t get good luck if you cut off their feet.

Beaver tails bring you five dollars apiece
down at the courthouse from the chief of police.
I set a fine beaver trap in a ditch
but I could not catch one. Ain’t life a bitch?

—Don Whittington

Beaver enthusiast


3 thoughts on “Beavers

  1. Beavers are beautiful
    In Ballard & Beyond
    They make lovely structures
    In lake and in pond

    They’re buck-toothed and porky
    In face and in habit
    Hank hopes you can rethink
    Your dislike of his cousins, dang nabit.

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