In the national forest

In the national forest in Colorado
the deadwood lies so thick on the ground
that people can barely hike through the timber.
Being on the mountain is like riding in a 1960s
northern California hippie bus:
every which way you look you see nothing
but mountain majesty and junk on the floor.
We could always clean this up, of course,
but no time to think about that now;
we have bigger problems what with all
these people out of work.
Whatever will we do?

If only there were a way to tie
the unemployment problem
to somehow creating projects for the public good…
Damn. I just don’t have a single idea.
I’ve thunk and thunk and thunk, but
I just can’t see how to fix these puny quality of life
problems in a way that helps the banks and bombs.
Apparently it makes more sense
to spend the public’s money in a way that
fails to serve recipient and benefactor equally.
I wish I was smart enough to understand it all.
Never mind. Cooler and wiser heads will prevail.
Meanwhile, I’ll just wait for the private sector
to tell me where they want me.

—Don Whittington


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