Brought to you by the unheard letter


All the  words with silent ds
have hedged their bets with js and gs
adjacent, adjective, adjust
are all the js that I can must(er)
but judge and fudge and will not budge
and baseball’s favorite catcher, Pudge
porridge, midge, and Riva Ridge
and Coronado’s dazzling bridge
widget, fidget, fridge, and midget
marry Bridget, cheat with Gidget
knowledge, badger, lodger, hedge
porridge, ledger, dodger, wedge
Enough! I pledge we’ll end this drudge,
this boring, half-poetic sludge;
it’s time to find a silent d
that doesn’t bear a j or g
but though I’ve searched ’til Wednesday’s sun
I cannot seem to find a one.

—Don Whittington



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