on december 7, 2012


on december 7, 2012
while exploring an area of the staked plains
beneath the panhandle texas moon
i came upon a settlement of mayas living
in futuristic, zigguratic tents
they pretended to ignore me as i moved among them
they were hospitable enough and shared
a meal of pemmican made from peccary and chiles
i ate iguana eggs and hogplums and manioc
i washed down a dose of the lost judgment mushroom
with their nasty mead of honey and balché bark—
i woke in the shaman’s tent and found his little notebook
like any good shaman, he kept his ledger filled with all the future in it
this is what it said for December 22, 2012:
meet at cowboy’s stadium to watch blu-rays on the overhead
and play xbox 360 against the toltecs—
open bar

—Don Whittington



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