i’m not really comfortable talking

La foto por la que me odia el 99% de ASAAF

i’m not really comfortable talking
to strangers about
eclipses of the sun or moon
and i certainly don’t trust
the phenomenon itself—
you mustn’t look at the eclipse
with the naked eye, they say
}you will go blind, they say
you must stand here like a baboon
holding two pieces of cardboard
to watch the eclipse,
one piece casting some kind of
second rate representation
of the event, if you’re lucky
and if you hold them just right—
here’s a secret—
i have watched every eclipse of the sun
i have watched every eclipse of the moon
and every time i’ve watched it
i’ve watched it with my naked eye
did not go blind
not blind now, either
nor have i ever met anyone who got
so much as a headache doing it—
so here’s my question—
if they are lying to us about something
so easy to disprove as that
what the hell else are they lying about?
i’m talking to you, neil—
what did you really do with pluto?

—Don Whittington



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