people who imagine catastrophe


people who imagine catastrophe
like yellowstone going blooey
or the oceans flooding
see themselves surviving
we are mostly afflicted
with a Noahnic world view
everything happens because god
is giving us some one-on-one time
he’s building our character
he’s making us stronger
he’s teaching us
and those millions of the faceless
soulless inhuman foreign poor and dead
are extras in the movie
we call “god and i go to white castle”
we are all so special
we are all so amazingly brave
i don’t know, man
people make fun of the guy
who sits in the meeting and says
“holy cow, we’re all gonna die”
not me
i love that guy
we should create
a holy-cow-we’re-all-gonna-die bureau
a cabinet level position
to keep everybody’s head in the game
to remind the powerful and clever people
that even an ark needs some looking after
lest it sink and leave nothing
but a teasing ripple
then gone

—Don Whittington



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