everything i want from the world


everything i want from the world
is within my grasp now
i sit in Hamlet’s nutshell
and am indeed the king of infinite space
if only i can teach myself
to look beyond the bad dreams
to finally live with all senses open
all defenses down
i want rain man skills
i want to know at a glance the number
of beads of rain on a window
the number of beads in a tropical prostitute’s doorway
the number of beats of a hummingbird’s wings
over one single chorus of My Girl
i want to comprehend the secret of why
all creatures get the same number of heartbeats
in the course of a normal  life
the shrew and the whale
the bat and Johnny Mandel
the goat and the leopard at its throat
there is no app for this, no tool
there is just the world
the music of the world
the beat of the world
the number of its beats
my ability to count
and my ability to see
and my commitment to look

—Don Whittington



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