Inaugural Songs Upon the Breeze


Denise, here’s your sundae
he said
with chocolate and strawberry
and here for you,
my Addie Mae
a slab of pound cake with a scoop
of Rocky Road
Miss Carole is having the banana split
and Cynthia gets her gooey parfait
what are you having? Carole asked
they had come to be with him
it tickled him
I could tell
he smiled his smile
and whipped out an ice cream cone
like a carny with a kewpie doll
the girls all laughed and laughed and laughed
blessed  group
You’ll miss the inaugural, I said
I’m on my way, I said
but they never even looked at me
just giggled and spooned their ice cream
so cold
that wisps of vapor
like smoke from smouldering  wood
curled in their faces
I sat there in my booth and could not move
while outside
things went on and on and on
then I awoke to find
that other whole shebang
was over
okay with me
I’d been where I should be

—Don Whittington



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