i don’t want to scare anybody

vingt and apres

i don’t want to scare anybody
but when i lift my head in the morning
i can feel the world kick into gear
i hear things come to life for the first time
all of you who think you woke before me
are just fooling yourselves
my assembly of reality each day
puts those presumptions in your
imagined minds—
i am telling you this to free you
if you are not in my personal space
if you don’t cross the border of my self-founded country
then by all means indulge yourselves
because whatever you do, it isn’t real
be d’Artagnan if you wish
it bears not on my life at all
except in that it might be reported to me
by my own contrary fantasy
but if you are in direct contact with yours truly
then for heaven’s sake please wait until you’ve brought my coffee
before you go make trouble
with that saucy Annette

—Don Whittington



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