Extra!! News of the World

Post061_screenshotsMy news seems
overrun with
gossip, tits, and ass:
Miley’s cleavage,
Nicki’s temper,
outed athletes,
Kardashian’s Probability Theorem,
wardrobe failures.
Politics? I think not.
That’s not coverage
that’s PR, that’s Pander
playing to his god.
We already know what
politicians say
before they say it.
Nothing real in any of it.
What we don’t know is
how the people in Italy feel
about their future,
and what the ladies in Lichtenstein want,
and what matters most
to that Indonesian child,
and how does a Chinese
family relax at home.
Thank goodness for Anthony Bourdain
or I’d have forgotten
the rest of the world altogether,
how it feels to try to
understand a new people, a different culture.
Is that what things have come to?
Are cooks the only people left
who care enough to linger
in conversation
over a table?

—Don Whittington



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